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Slim Tread™ Automatic Ultra Thin Treadmill

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Slim Tread™ - Automatic Ultra Thin Treadmill

Groovy Home is proud to present the revolutionary new Slim Tread™ automatic treadmill, which offers a bespoke workout using modern technology.

Featuring adjustable handrails and exclusive state of the art Smart Step™ technology, the Slim Tread™ automatically adjusts your speed according to your workout, without the need for fiddly buttons.

The Slim Tread™ home running treadmill is, discrete and compact. You can easily fold away the treadmill, which makes it ideal to use in flats or small spaces, where space is limited.

Slim Tread™ is exclusive to Groovy Home


  • Smart Step™ technology
  • Discrete and compact
  • Ultra thin
  • Free Delivery
  • Size:154cm x 77cm x 13cm
  • Weight:35Kg
  • Please contact us for availability.