Welcome to Groovy Home

Groovy Home offers stylish, contemporary and modern furniture, for your home and office, with exemplary customer service both during order process and post-delivery.

With just 15 products available to buy, GroovyEggChairs.co.uk was launched in 2012 by 2 budding young entrepreneurs and their goal? To provide stunning furniture and home accessories with that je ne sais quoi!

A year later GroovyEggChairs.co.uk was rebranded as GroovyHome.co.uk to reflect the growing number of products being offered.

Early 2017 and tragedy struck for one of the founders resulting in a forced and reluctant sale of the business to another entrepreneur who shared in their branding, product quality, customer values and service in hope for the brand, business and site to continue.

The evolution and growth of this business has continued since with a fresh website launch in March 2020… just in time for COVID lockdowns affecting the global economy, hardly a challenging matter!

Since these initial days, Groovy Home now lists over 300 products across all living areas and spaces.

Our products are sourced from both modern, undiscovered designers as well as replications of classic designs by esteemed designers such as:

  • Eero Aarnio
  • Charles Eames
  • Emil Jacobsen
  • Isamu Noguchi
  • Eero Saarinen

With distinction, we do not sell original products by these designers.

As careful as we are about the products we sell, we are equally careful and care about the way we conduct our business with, our customers, our staff, our suppliers, our IT and digital marketing service providers; all are treated with care and respect.

We also respect the environment, despite being an online eStore. Our suppliers are carefully vetted and chosen, with certification the factories used for manufacturing purposes are ISO accredited and validation that the quality of manufacture process is ecological considerate and fair.

We work to ensure that the manufacture of our products requires human oversight from start to finish to ensure quality against price is maintained.

In this regard, although we are a small drop-shipping business, we guide ourselves with values defined by https://bcorporation.net/ and targeting Certified B Corporation in the near future.

As Groovy Home’s range has grown so too has our corporate and B2B platform where Groovy Home offers customers the opportunity to customise their items and create full furniture and accessory packages to suit any environment.

Please use the contact us form to find out how we can service any of your trade or package needs.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to GroovyHome.co.uk and look forward to hosting you again very soon 🙂