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Contemporary White Base Clock


Contemporary White Base Clock

This contemporary white base clock is a ceramic showpiece, which is handmade by Cor Unum, a ceramic art centre based in the Netherlands. This masterpiece was inspired by industrial production archetypes with its distinct shape. They took industrially determined shapes and details, and used these characteristics to create a new innovative shape. Since the shape is unique, yet recognizable, the design is open to interpretation.

The white base clock is the perfect example of functional beauty; they’re technical instruments as well as a work of art. The creators develop concepts in collaboration with renowned designers from around the world, such as Reinhard Dienes, Erwin Termaat, Deson Wang and Mike He.

We are in an era where time is all around us and these clock designs allows us to appreciate time in style.

Get in style with this timepiece today before it’s too late!

Contemporary White Base Clock details;

  • Design Country: The Netherlands
  • Designer: Kranen/Gille
  • Ceramic body, Brass coloured hands
  • 13"H x 10.2"W x 7.9"D