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Sharp Grey Tone Clock


Buy your Sharp Grey Tone Clock

This Sharp grey Tone clock is part of a series of iconic interior timepieces designed from a studio in the heart of Amsterdam. The creators develop concepts in collaboration with renowned designers from around the world, such as Reinhard Dienes, Erwin Termaat, Deson Wang and Mike He.

These clocks are the perfect example of functional beauty; they’re technical instruments as well as a work of art. We are in an era where time is all around us and these clock designs allows us to appreciate time in style.

The rich detail on this grey tone clock gives a so-called ton-sur-ton effect from the glossy transparent spot varnish, which is printed on the matte dial. Different lighting and angles can give different visuals with the use of this effect. Let the light set the tone.

Get in style with this timepiece today before it’s too late!

Sharp Grey Tone Clock details;

  • Produced in the heart of Amsterdam
  • Functional beauty
  • Ton- sur-ton effect
  • 35cm – d: 6,2cm/ 13,8" d: 2.44"