Funky Transparent Eero Aarnio Style Hanging Bubble Chair


Silver PU
Weight: 123kg
interior fabric colour: Silver PU
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Eero Aarnio Style Funky Transparent Hanging Bubble Chair

This Funky Transparent Eero Aarnio Style Bubble Chair truly is one of the icons of design for the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The Eero Aarnio inspired Bubble Chair offers up a unique form of solitude and relaxation that transcends most furniture expectations with its unique styling and craftsmanship.

The transparent durable bubble casing creates an acoustically isolated environment that is brilliant for reading, writing or just escaping from the ruckus of daily life. This designer ball chair invites you to sink into the plush cushioning and wrap yourself in its comforting embrace.

When Eero Aarnio designed the funky hanging Bubble Chair in the 60’s he pictured it as the next artistic step forward from his world-famous Ball chair which can also be found on our Groovy site. One characteristic that really sets the Eero Aarnio style Bubble Chair apart from other furniture visualisations is the fact that it’s suspended from an elegant silver chain, rather than left resting on the floor.

The design features a cast steel ring around the outer edge of the bubble for added support and stability. It has an acrylic transparent sphere which is cut away and stabilised with a highly polished chrome plated steel ring. Cushions were added to complete the piece, which are available in a choice of leather or fabric. The bubble chair comes with a 79″ chain for suspension which can be purchased separately.


  • Designed in the 1960s
  • Comes with 79” elegant silver chain
  • Acrylic transparent sphere with a chrome plated steel ring
  • Free Delivery

IMPORTANT: The maximum load weight for this chair is 125kg. We do not supply ceiling fixings as you will need professional advice from a competent builder to install. This is to ensure there that the place of suspension is suitable to bear the maximum stated weight.

Additional information

Weight 123 kg
Interior Fabric Colour

Silver PU


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